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Area of Expertise
Mint work with tech companies, software developers, IOT specialists and organisations with enterprise or consumer facing digital products on customer readiness, user experience, brand and marketing to help maximise the success of their products, services and processes.
Effective technology has the potential to change the way we live by presenting new and better ways of doing things that can make us safer, smarter, faster, healthier and wealthier. However, it can be challenging to persuade people to do things differently. By following core ‘design thinking’ and ‘user experience’ principles we apply creative strategies to engage your target audience by delivering a compelling value proposition and visual presentation of your product, brand and collateral.

We meet, listen and learn about your company, your products and your current position


Using workshops, audit and analysis we understand where you are and where you want to go


We create a tailored solution that meets your needs and defines how you will there


The creative implementation of a solution that engages your stakeholders and powers success

Our ‘Design Thinking’ principles ensure your innovative platform, product or process is effectively presented as a user-centric solution that integrates the needs of people with the possibilities of technology.

Latest Digital Projects

With development teams often immersed in engineering and programming, our process of discovery, strategy and creative implementation contributes to the lean development of internal systems and commercially viable products and services focused on the people, businesses and industries you want to attract.

We help project teams make the right considerations and actions while guarding against the extremes of both rigid planning and unrestrained experimentation. Whether you’re at ideation or post launch, our process will bring these informed decisions to life through strategy and design.

Regardless of your industry or sector, or whether you are a start up or Fortune 500, we listen and learn before jumping in. Our emphasis upon audit, research and discovery enables us to deliver a valuable customer experience that benefits all your stakeholders through branding, product development, sales & marketing collateral, experience strategy, interface design and prototyping solutions.

Working to build better design
Creative Process
Our creative process is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and their products, services and processes.

Ideally, we begin with a consultation where we speak with stakeholders to define the challenges and unknowns of their project. With this level of understanding, we craft a bespoke proposal that focuses in on the exact requirements, presenting strategies and recommendations to resolve them. Mint’s programme helps development teams deliver significant benefits to stakeholders, clients and the users.

Catalyst Inc
Phoenix Natural Gas
Blue Zinc
Invent NI
Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council
Liberty IT
Premier Electrics
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